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Virginia Solar Example

So, you're curious about solar but can't seem to wrap your head around how it can work in Virginia. Well, look no further because we are about to explain EXACTLY how solar in Virginia works from beginning to end.

In summary, if you have a South, East, or West facing roof with no solar, you're missing out! We'd most likely be able to save you significant money with no upfront costs. That's how awesome solar is! Here's how it works:

Step 1.

We collect your electric bill that shows 12 months of electric usage. We then have a discussion during our intro call to identify if your usage is likely to change from the previous year. We make any necessary adjustments and put together your usage profile.

Step 2.

We then create a design based on this usage with the goal being to get a 100% offset from the PV (solar) system. However, any offset is good! The more solar you have the more money you save.

Step 3.

We go over ALL the numbers with you so you understand exactly what your system will produce, what you'll get paid in incentives, and what the monthly bottom line is. We'll pretend we're going over it with you in this example below!

Example Project

The property below has a south facing roof, this is a PERFECT match for solar. We use irradiance to measure the sun access using satelite imaging. You can see how bright the roof face with panels is, that means we're getting nearly 100% of the sun access possible.

This customer uses 13,510kWh a year, which is exactly what this system will produce each year as well. Getting them to a 100% offset.

Their old electric bills cost them $1,752 a year, or $43,800 over 25 years. This cost is now REPLACED with the cost of solar, which is:

$56 a month! Replacing their previous bill of $146 a month and saving them $90 each month, or $1,080 annually.

Let's see how we got to that $56 monthly cost (these are real numbers):

Project Cost: $38,049

Federal Tax Credit (30%): -$11,415

Net Cost = $26,634

Monthly Payment: $129

Monthly SREC Income: -$73

Total Monthly Cost = $56

Now, if that's not awesome, I don't know what is! We keep it real and right to the point, if solar is a good fit for you, like this project, we highly recommend it. If it's not the best idea and isn't cost effective, we'll suggest looking elsewhere to save money. But you'll only find out if you talk to us!

Take our qualification quiz and schedule an intro call below, or if you're ready for a design, order a speed design here.

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