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Solar Thermal Solutions by Virginia Renewables

SunDrum Collectors

The award-winning, patented SunDrum collector mounts behind PV panels, cooling the panels and sending captured heat to an integrated heat pump.

SunDrum collectors


Increase energy capture of new or existing PV systems

Conventional systems generate only photovoltaic (PV) energy, capturing less than 25% of available solar energy.

SunDrum Solar more than triples the total amount of solar energy captured, simultaneously increasing PV performance and capturing an even larger share of available solar energy as heat.

Conventional PV

SunDrum Energy Capture Comparison Diagram

SunDrum Solar

SunDrum Energy Capture Comparison Diagram

Why SunDrum Solar?

8x More Energy

SunDrum Systems generate more power than conventional PV to drive residential, commercial, and industrial heating.

Made in the USA

SunDrum Collectors are made in our Hudson, MA factory. We own our factory so you can trust us to deliver on-time and on-spec.

24/7 Heating

HarvestHP ensures heat is always available when it is needed - day or night, sunny or cloudy, intermittent or constant.

Fully Retrofittable

SunDrum Systems are compatible with 80% of the panels on the market, and can be installed under existing systems or as a net-new project.

Strong Project Financials

More useful energy means more value - SunDrum System savings and ROI exceed that of conventional PV, often with 3-5 year payback.

Increased Impact

Offset emissions related to heating, reducing total greenhouse gas impact.

GOPR0107 (2).jpeg
SunDrum meets power demands

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