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Frequently Asked Questions

We've accumulated some of the most frequently asked questions our customers want to know. Learn more about solar and renewable energy by reading our blog.

  • What if I need a new roof?
    The Federal Tax credit covers 30% of the cost of a new roof. We have some of the lowest roof quotes in the industry when combining with solar (and then you get 30% off of THAT). Read more about the tax credit here.
  • Do I need a battery?
    Only if you lose power frequently. Otherwise, Net Metering is like a virtual battery with your utility company. Take our quiz to find out if a battery is a good fit!
  • How long do the panels last?
    We use premium monocrystalline panels that have a 25 year warranty. However, these bad boys have a degradation rate of .5% a year. So technically, they can last 50+ years.
  • When is Geothermal heating and cooling a good idea?
    If you are looking at transitioning from gas to electric in your home, Geothermal is the most cost & energy effective way to do it. The upfront cost is higher than a standard electric heat pump, however the energy savings pay for itself in about 10 years.
  • What do the solar panels look like?
    Sleek, black, and sexy...
  • How will the installation affect my roof?
    We use high grade Iron Ridge racking systems that have a unique design to make leaks almost impossible. Watch this video to learn more:
  • How long does it take after I sign up for solar?
    It takes about 3-4 months depending on your county and utility company timelines for permit and interconnection approval. See more here:
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