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Virginia SRECs (how to get paid for solar)

Updated: Feb 6

SRECs, or Solar Renewable Energy Credits are the most POWERFUL solar incentive because

they're recurring. In Virginia, you get PAID $40 - $50 per 1000 kWh you produce with solar.

SO, if you produce 15,000kWh a year, you'll get $750 annually, or $62 a month! These credits are NOT related to Net Metering, and are not connected to your utility company. However, they do have a huge hand in the SREC market.

SRECs are created by the state's renewable energy goal. Virginia's goal is to be 100% run by renewable energy by 2050. This will be accomplished by fining utility companies for selling dirty energy, and forcing them to purchase RECs (renewable energy credits), FROM YOU. This strongly encourages utility companies to transition to clean energy, because it's very expensive for them to buy energy credits.

We set up an account for you with an energy credit brokerage, so you can easily manage and sell your credits. You can even have it setup to automatically deposit money into your bank account. Pretty cool right?

SO, in summary... you are essentially guaranteed an SREC payment every month until 2050, likely an increasing payment as the state increases the incentive to transition. AND you can rest easy knowing you played your part in the state being 100% renewable!

Watch our SRECs video!

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